Citizen Satisfaction Evaluation by Multi Criteria Satisfaction Analysis Method (Case Study of Shiraz Bus Rapid Transit)

Document Type : Research Paper


MSc. of Industrial Management, Faculty of Management University of Shiraz, , Iran


In this article Multi Criteria Satisfaction Analysis method (MUSA) has been described then passenger’s satisfaction about Shiraz Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has been evaluated. This method is one of the satisfaction analysis techniques which has overcome on weakness points of preceding methods. Customer feedback and judgments (in questionnaire) are converted to linear planning models and then solved by this method, lead to evaluate satisfaction and importance of each satisfaction aspects in the organization which is the result of all individual customer judgments combination. Results revealed that physical assets and facilities and confidence capability in passenger’s view point had the most importance of 0/5859 and 0/4140 and at least average of satisfaction level (1 Percent) respectively. In the other hand sub criteria of bus security, stations safety, suitable services in latest night hours, access to stations, passenger’s crowding in bus and sufficient rapid bus transit paths existence in city area had the most influence on the passenger’s satisfaction level.


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