Measuring Organizational Strategic Alignment: A Systems Dynamics Approach

Document Type : Research Paper


industrial management


Among the most important sources of competitive advantage, is creating and developing strategic alignment competency. Strategic alignment, literally, is an abstract and qualitative concept. And a qualitative concept while not been quantified and operationalized, does not worth paying attention practically. This article basing on a general formula and taking systems dynamics approach, suggests an operational model for organizational strategic alignment measurement.
Primary diagnosis of influencing variables, their dimensions and components was accomplished by a vast relevant literature review and were finalized by using Delphi Method and Focus Groups. This research from Methodological aspect was done using an exploratory mixed method.
Model outputs showed that it can be used as a dynamic strategic performance measurement system (DSPMS) for highlighting the weak points of organizational performance. Then, model, by simulating the system’s behavior would enable the practitioners to predict the results of applying different improvement course of actions.