Automotive Supply Network Coordination Model Using Causal Mapping Case Study in Automotive Supply Network

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Prof. of Industrial Management University of Tehran, Iran


The concept of coordination in supply chain management is different from the viewpoint of the roles of this chain and this difference causes more uncoordination at the entire of the supply chain. Hence, regarding to the importance of this subject at the performance of supply chain, the clarification of the coordination concept as a casual model seems very necessary. In this research, the cognitive mapping and browser software have been used for the modeling of the mental concepts of the selected experts at Iran automotive industry. The coordination among the maps of different experts has been analyzed by the UCINET software and if it confirmed, the maps had been combined together to the access of the consensus map of the Iran automotive industry. Afterwards, it followed by setting the 60, 70 and 100% difference among the agreed maps of experts and their relations together; finally the tests of block analysis demonstrated the accuracy of above classification.