Integrated Interpretive Structural Modeling with Fuzzy Network Analysis to Locating Service Centers (ISN / FANP)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Prof., University of Isfahan, Iran

2 Assistant Prof., University of Malek Ashtar, Iran

3 Assistant Prof., University of Shahrood, Iran.


Survey conducted suggests that few studies on Locating service centers especially hospitals, have been. Moreover, in the few existing studies, has focus on the use of quantitative indicators. It seems the reason is ambiguous and inaccurateness of qualitative index. This paper attempts to show the ability to deal with the ambiguity within qualitative index by use of fuzzy logic. Also, using network analytic process appropriate response is given. On the issue such as correlations of criteria's and mutual influences between them in choosing the place of an hospital. Since the network analysis process uses the Delphi method for combining experts opinion, So data has changed at mod form, To overcome this problem and developing network analytical process, interpretive structural modeling is used. The results of the proposed methodology in a case study show its favorable ability to execute as a scientific methodology for Locating of services units, although the numerical calculations and time of the fuzzy section will be high.


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