Proposing a Conceptual Model for Supply Chain Quality Managent (SCQM) and Surveying its Position in Iran’s Car Industry Case Study: IKCO Tondar 90 Project



Nowadays companies have to have a close partnership with the other companies involved in their supply chain in order to upgrade their product quality. Supply chain quality management is a new concept that can provide the necessary conditions for effective cooperation of supply chain members in the field of product quality. Due to the new of this concept and lack of a comprehensive model in this issue, the purpose of this study is to define the concept of SCQM and identify its factors and indicators and propose a conceptual model to measure it. By comprehensively reviewing the literature, seven factors identified as key factors in implementing SCQM. These factors are: "customer focus", "suppliers quality management", "supply chain quality leadership", "supply chain quality strategies", "process approach", "supply chain quality information systems" and "development of resource management in supply chain". This model confirmed through factor analysis (FA) and structural equation model (SEM) Techniques. Also the results of our survey in the case study showed that the IKCO Tondar90 Project is totally in a good situation, however it is weak at two dimensions:"quality strategies" and "quality Information systems" in supply chain.