Study of Effects of Quality Management Key Success Factors on Quality and Business Performance of a Supply Chain: an Empirical Analysis of the Iranian Firms



The increasing emphasis on supply chain management (SCM) has led researchers to rethink models, constructs, and frameworks for quality management (QM) that have been developed for the field of operations management. In this paper, within the framework of a structural model we investigate how these two supply chain management-related quality practices (customer focus and supplier quality management) lead to improved quality and business performance of a supply chain and examine some of the most important success factors of QM that precede and mediate those relationships. In this study, we use survey data gathered from 100 industrial firms operating in the Iran. Our results provide further support top management commitment’s role in building supply chain linkages that will impact quality performance. In this study, we also find a statistically significant direct relationship between top management commitment and role of quality department that finally impact supply chain performance.