the impact of social capital on buyer- supplier relationships in manufacturing companies (case study: Qazvin province companies)

Document Type : Research Paper


Imam Khomeini International University (IKIU)


The main objective of this paper is investigating the impact of social capital on buyer-supplier relationship and buyer performance. Hypotheses test by using of partial least squares technique with a sample of 113 purchasing managers. The results show, relational and structural dimensions have positive impact on buyer-supplier relationship, which lead to increased buyer satisfaction and performance. But cognitive dimension hasn’t positive impact on buyer satisfaction. Among the relational dimension factors, trust, dependence and commitment, and among the structural dimension factors, the network ties, supplier evaluation and supplier development, have a significant impact on the buyer satisfaction while, none of the cognitive dimension factors haven’t significant positive impact on the buyer satisfaction. Finally, buyer satisfaction from relationship whit supplier has a positive impact on buyer performance. The result of this study leads supply chain managers to correct understanding of the impact of social capital on buyer- supplier relationship in order to improve this relationship and performance.