Ranking of Decision Making Units by using of super efficiency non-radial model

Document Type : Research Paper



Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is one of the scientific method that computes the efficiency by using a powerful mathematics basic. Data Envelopment Analysis is a non-parametric technique to evaluate the efficiency of a set of decision making units (DMU) with multi inputs and outputs . since DEA’s models classifies decision making units into two categories of efficient and inefficient, so most of the Decision makers are seeking a full ranking DMUs. In this paper, we will extend a model for ranking of efficient units in DEA. so first we propose two new nonlinear models which one can compute the efficiency by first model and rank the efficient DMUs by second one such that These models have a feasible solution always And at least we will compare models of this paper with the others ranking models by some numerical examples and Results have confirm the model performance.