Surveying effect of supply components in supply chain management on organization performance (Study case: Iran automotive electronic industrial)

Document Type : Research Paper


university of mazandaran


Supply chain management has been considered by many researchers in order to coordinate the chain members in this new age so that it is considered as a strategic approach for demands, operations, procurements and managing logistical processes. The present study deals with survey of supply components in supply chain management and their effect on organization performance. The research conceptual model has been obtained from integrating several models and the statistical society of the research has included the companies that produce automotive electronic parts and the conceptual model hypotheses were tested through questionnaire and statistical analysis. The findings resulting from this study showed that supply chain management components are correlated with each other positively and each one affects on the organizational performance. Thus, the top managers should establish this approach in order to achieve competitive advantages against their competitors so that they can obtain the advantages arising from them.