Investigating the impact of Business Strategy on ERP post-implementation success, a study on Iranian Firms

Document Type : Research Paper



In recent years, with the increase in the popularity of ERP systems, many researchers have been faced with the question of “How can we describe the best organizational context to achieve the success through utilizing an ERP system?” .This study investigates the impact of Business Strategy, as a potential factor, on ERP post-implementation success in Iranian adopting organizations. First, a main hypothesis is developed to examine the extent of significant relation between business strategy and ERP post-implementation success. Moreover, three twofold hypothesises are developed in order to compare different strategies and find the best one. Afterwards, required data is gathered from every adopting organization using a standard questionnaire. Finally, one-way ANOVA method is applied to test the main hypothesis and Tukey method is used to perform multiple comparisons between business strategies. The findings confirm the impact of Business Strategy on ERP post-implementation success and introduce the Defender and Analyzer strategies as the suitable strategic contexts for the successful exploitation of ERP systems.