A new Dynamic Model for Knowledge Management : A case study of a Transportation Company

Document Type : Research Paper


Instructor of Eyvanekey Institute of Higher Education


Nowadays knowledge of organizations is their most important assets. The importance of this intellectual property is very mush since the organizations' executive success without the management and proper use of this valuable resource, is difficult and sometimes impossible. So the only way to survive in the current competitive situations, is to implement appropriate knowledge management system and institutionalize it. In this research, a knowledge management model using system dynamics approach is presented and implied in a transportation as a case study. The reasons for the distance between the desired state of knowledge management in the company and its current state, has been extracted and analyzed by the presented model. In fact, it has been tried to denote the effective factors to make this distance and evaluate the operational leverages for its removal, by using presented dynamic model.The results show that changes in values of these factors, will enhance the organization's level of knowledge base and it will be more closed to desired state.