Proposing an integrated approach of Kano Model and Taguchi Design of Experiments based on Kansei Engineering to product design based on customer needs in the automotive industry

Document Type : Research Paper



Abstract: The aim of this research is to propose a new approach of Kansei Engineering, Kano model and Taguchi Design of Experiments to identify, categorize and prioritize customersʹ emotional needs (Kansei) in the automotive industry in order to more customer satisfaction. To achieve the above aim, first customersʹ Kansei words identified and screened; then these words classified based on Kano model. In the next step, by the use of Taguchi Design of Experiments, optimal levels of the attractive features obtained from the Kano model have been determined and these features have been prioritized. In order to assess the validity and effectiveness of the proposed approach, a case study has been done in the automotive industry and in one of the Iran Khodroʹs representative in Isfahan. In case study, from 38 identified Kansei words, 7 words are attractive needs and in next step be identified that from 7 attractive needs, 5 needs are in highly attractive category and 2 needs are in attractive category.