Checking and Prioritizing the Rate of Sensetivity of Machines for Pprecautionary Maintenance with Martel & Zaras Method (The Case: Tolid Atash Factory)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 MSc. Student, Industrial Management, University of Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant Prof., Faculty of Industrial Management, Tehran University, Iran


Maintenance process is one of the most necessary processes in every organization, whose main task is maintaining machines in desired conditions or restoring machines from non-optimal (nonoperational)
conditions to optimal (operational) conditions. Machines failure would result in loss of machines availability time, and rise of both organization costs and production time. Also, it may cause irreparable damages to company. Therefore improving the performance process and as a result improving the maintenance process has been considered by experts. This paper aims to provide an answer to the question that based
on the selected criteria which machine needs more precautionary maintenance (PM). This research was carried out in order to improve machines lifetime, to increase customer satisfaction and to decrease
delays. In this paper, first the researchers identified the most important PM criteria in the observed factory (within 12 months in 1391(2012- 2013)). Then the MCDM method was used for prioritizing and
identifying the most vital machine in the factory. At the end some solutions for preserving these machines in the highest quality level were proposed.