Evaluation of Suppliers Risk in Supply Chain Using Combining Fuzzy VIKOR and GRA Techniques

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Prof. of Industrial Management, Yazd University, Iran

2 Assistant Prof. of Industrial Management, Yazd University, Iran

3 MA of Industrial Management, Yazd University, Iran


By increasing complexity, level of uncertainty and risk in the chain goes up. Hence supply chain risk management has become a major issue in the organization. In this study, Supply Chain Risk from this perspective will be investigated. This study utilizes a grey relational analysis and Fuzzy VIKOR to establish a complete and accurate evaluation model for ranking factors affecting on supplier risk. Innovation of this research is combining fuzzy Delphi method, the grey relational analysis and fuzzy VIKOR to identify and ranking factors affecting on suppliers risk and was conducted for the first time in alloy steel industry. After the analysis "single sourcing" and "available capacity" were identified as important factors. For this purpose, factors affecting on the risks incurred by the supplier on Alloy Steel industry were identified using Fuzzy Delphi. Then these factors evaluated and ranked using Grey Relation Analysis and fuzzy VIKOR. After the most important risk factors that need to be improved, identified and more appropriate strategies is offered.