Location Selection for Industrial Facilities of Bahman Group Company through Fuzzy TOPSIS and ZOLP



In this paper has been used a new integrated method of fuzzy TOPSIS and zero-one integer linear programming for location selection of Bahman Group company facilities and manufacturing stations of affairs. Selected criteria and constraints are dividing to the explicit and implicit categories. Candidate alternatives have been selected from current and useable points of company. The first criteria have been exploited from interview with experts and used as triangular fuzzy numbers in the fuzzy TOPSIS. In this research 10 candidate alternatives have been ranked through fuzzy TOPSIS. Then coefficient of closeness and coefficient of variance have been used in the maximization and minimization objective functions in the ZOLP. Also, the second criteria have been used as constraints of ZOLP. Finally ZOLP model has been run and presented the best alternative for industrial facility location.