Designing a Fuzzy Expert System for ERP Selection



The selection of ERP systems has been considered as one of the most influential and risky managerial decisions due to its heavy burden of purchase and implementation costs. The purpose of this paper is designing a fuzzy expert system for selecting the appropriate ERP system based on the internationally selected and validated criteria for minimizing the risks of inappropriate selection. If an option does not have the sufficient correspondence to the organizational criteria; the fuzzy logic provides the opportunity to the other options to taken into account for not only cover the weaknesses of measurement, but also easily lower the opportunity of selecting the appropriate alternatives. This leads to a comprehensive fuzzy evaluation of all of the alternatives. From another point of view, the fuzzy expert system rules evaluate the options according to the demands and requirements of organization and accordingly, the selection process will require no direct bi-comparison of options for the desired organizational status. For the sake of better validation and presentation, this paper has been conducted and provided through a case study of one of the Iranian industrial organizations.