Proposing solutions to improve E-banking services using BSC, FANP & FUZZY TOPSIS (Case study: Selected banks in Fars province)



The main aim of this research is to survey deeply into the Quality of electronic services offered by a selected group of state-owned banks in Fars province by using BSC and FUZZY logic theory and to give some solutions to improve their services. Therefore, the factors for assessing the electronic services were identified in research literature and were locate in BSC approach according to the experts’ points of view. In view of existence of interaction between BSC dimensions and various aspects of electronic services and in order to understand the significance of factors, the FUZZY ANP technique was implemented. Probing the performance and significance of electronic services’ factors simultaneously, claims that 9 out of 38 final factors are critical. In order to improve the performance of the banks, 20 solutions proposed by the experts were ranked. The ranking was conducted based on the effectiveness of the solutions on improving critical factors using fuzzy TOPSIS techniques. The solution which has been ranked first is the measurement of work progress in accordance with the State Vision Document under a constant and continuous supervision on e-banking projects implementation processes.