Determining the Best Responding Strategy to Project Risk Using ANP Technique (Case Study: North Azadegan Oil Field Development Project)



Nowadays, Risk Management is considered as one of the most vital methods in project management which should be utilized in every industrial project. Risk management process is able to identify risks, analyze them and determine responding strategies for declining impacts of risks. Also most managers confront a challenge when they want to select one problem`s solution among the other ones. There is always a decision making problem in Risk Response Planning sub-process which can be mentioned as “selecting the best response among some responses related to a risk “. This paper has been tried to use Analytic Network Process (ANP), known as one of Multiple Attribute Decision Making techniques to solve this problem and find the best response.
In this case, the high-priority risks were identified by a questionnaire. Then, responding strategies were determined through an interview. Finally, an ANP model including criteria and responses for the main risk was provided using previous researches findings and Nominal Group Technique; in addition the best response for the main risk of the project was selected by paired-comparison using Super Decision software in North Azadegan oil field development project.