Measuring and analyzing model of manufacturing organizations need to be agile by using MADM techniques and fuzzy approach



Contemporary manufacturing organizations are facing challenges from two directions. In one direction, newer manufacturing philosophies and technologies emerge to make the existing ones obsolete. In the other direction, today's customers are becoming more and more aggressive in demanding new products and services within a short period of time. In order to meet the challenges that invade from these two directions, today's manufacturing organizations are required to act quickly in accordance with the surrounding competitive situation. Therefore, during the past few years, the manufacturing arena had been orienting towards the relatively new type of paradigm, under the umbrella name," agile manufacturing". But there is a question that does the building agile of an organization to be necessary for activity and competitive in world economy arena. In this article, a fuzzy model based on the need analysis framework of a company to be agile is presented, that used fuzzy concept in the measure and analysis of need to be agile, and too MADM techniques.