Investment Prioritization through Group Decision Making Method of Hierarchical TOPSIS in Fuzzy Environment



Because of important role of development banks in optimal allocation of limited financial resources, their investment efforts must have an objective direction to the achievement of government's strategic goals. In order to get appropriate approaches in its investment, Bank of Industry and Mine (BIM) as the only development bank in industry and mine sector, aims to take a general survey among available investment opportunities. For this propose, this paper presents a model for prioritization of investment opportunities of BIM. After defining effective criteria and sub-criteria, their weights are estimated through experts' evaluations based on pair-wise comparisons of Analytical hierarchy process. Aggregation process is achieved through Hierarchical Fuzzy TOPSIS method. Fuzzy theory is utilized to model some qualitative criteria and also to handle uncertainty raised in estimation errors of some quantitative criteria. Although, obtained results enable BIM to derive its short-term and long-term investment directions, however the proposed method is a useful tool for many situations such as the case.